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6 Month Report

Over the last 6 months the Big Compost Experiment has had an incredible response from citizens all over the UK. With over 6000 survey responses and 1500 home compost experiments underway or finished, we are starting to see some really interesting results (see latest pie charts and bar charts of the data below).

As we move from winter/spring to summer conditions the environment in home composters is changing. This is largely due to seasonal variation in temperature and moisture levels, and seasonal variation in the types of organic waste composted. Although several participants have found that their compostable plastic items have completely degraded, many items remain partially or entirely intact.

We'd like more participants to get involved in order to get a better understanding of how a variety of home compostable items perform throughout the year and under a range of home composting conditions. Your responses and results will help prevent plastic waste and improve the manufacture, use, and disposal of compostable plastics in the UK.

You can help by letting others know how to get involved. We'll update you again on the progress of the results this Autumn.

Many thanks and happy composting!

Danielle & Mark
UCL Plastic Waste Innovation Hub

Listen to Mark Miodownik and Danielle Purkiss discussing the latest results from the Big Compost Experiment at the Cheltenham Science Festival online (from 1:57:58);

If your home compost experiment has finished please do login and let us know your results here;