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Your Results So Far!

Since the Big Compost Experiment launch in November 2019, we've had an incredible response from citizens throughout the UK. With over 4000 online surveys submitted and 1000 home composting experiments underway, we are starting to see some really interesting results (see summary pie charts and bar charts of your data below). Thanks for your support!

Winter in the UK presents some of the most challenging conditions for home composting. Cooler temperatures slow down the activity of the diverse range of organisms in composters, reducing the rate at which they break down food and green waste. From your results reported so far we are beginning to see some interesting examples of partial degradation of thin compostable plastic items such as caddy liners and magazine wraps.

We're keen to get more participants involved in order to get a better understanding of how a variety of home compostable and biodegradable items perform throughout the year, and under a range of home composting conditions. Please help us by letting others know how to get involved. We'll update you again on the progress of our results this Summer.

Many thanks and happy composting!

Danielle & Mark
UCL Plastic Waste Innovation Hub

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