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Frequently Asked Questions

'Can I add new experiment items to my account after I have started my home compost experiment?'

Unfortunately we can't offer this website function yet (although we hope to be able to offer this in the future!). Please ensure you are happy with your item selection and image uploads before starting your experiment.

'I selected to start a home compost experiment account, but haven't received an account activation email.'

Sometimes account activation emails are redirected to junk mail by mistake. If you still can't find it, please email and we can remotely activate your account for you.

'How can I make finding and identifying my experiment items in my compost easier?'

There are several things you can try. You can try placing your items in a non-biodegradable plastic netting bag (like those used for fruit and veg). These are usually a bright colour, and should be easy to retrieve from your compost. It's important that the bag is perforated in order to allow microorganisms and oxygen get inside. Alternatively you can try using non-biodegradable tags or string to help identify your items.

'Can I start a new home compost experiment?'

Once you have uploaded your results at the end of your experiment you'll have the option to start a new home compost experiment. Unfortunately it's not possible to run multiple experiments from one account simultaneously (although we hope to be able to offer this in the future!).