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Meet the Munch Club

Danielle's indoor wormery

Danielle is an Architect and Research Fellow at the Plastic Waste Innovation Hub. She is interested in urban composting, and keeps an indoor wormery in her flat. The worms (aka The Munch Club) have become an important part of daily life. She regularly feeds them food scraps from the kitchen and checks on the environment of the wormery to ensure that it's just right for the worms to make ‘worm tea,’ a nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser she uses to keep her plants healthy.

Red wrigglers are well suited to living in a wormery

The type of worms living in Danielle's wormery are called redworms (red wrigglers). They are particularly suited to living in wormeries, as they prefer to live in decomposing food waste rather than soil. Watch this space for updates from the Munch Club!