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The Roving Microscope

The Roving Microscope

The Roving Microscope is a community microscope club exploring human/soil ecologies, based in and around Bethnal Green Nature Reserve. We host microscopic lunches, creative workshops, and microscope-gazing sessions to help shift and build relations between people, plants, soil, and microbial life. Our aim is to improve soil and human health by collaborating with the microscopic organisms that inhabit us and our environments. We do this by coming together to make compost, bokashi, compost teas, and fermented foods.

Preparing a microscope slide

Learning about composting

Learning about micro and macro organisms

Learning about fermentation techniques

The Roving Microscope in action!

During our collaboration with the Big Compost Experiment, we are monitoring the microscopic life and exchanges taking place each week in Danielle’s wormery. In particular, we will be looking out for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and protozoa of different shapes and motilities.

Watch this space for regular updates and images from the Roving Microscope!