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Under the Lid – Meet artist Ruby Wright

A creature made from biodegradable plastic bags and cutlery

Ruby Wright is an illustrator and Artist-in-Residence at UCL's Plastic Waste Innovation Hub. Her mission in this project is to communicate the ongoing scientific research to new audiences. She does this by making lots of drawings of the team at work, and by undertaking research of her own. In July 2019, she created ‘creatures’ from plastics labelled ‘biodegradable’ and ‘compostable’. They currently live in her compost bin, and in a field, and she is waiting to see what happens to them in these different environments. She is also working on a children's publication that follows the journey of a PET plastic bottle from its beginning to its end of life, and gathering and analysing samples of belly button fluff to see how much microplastic it contains. Watch this space for the results of Ruby's ‘compostable’ and ‘biodegradable’ creature experiments and other explorations.

A creature made from a biodegradable plastic bottle and cutlery

A creature made from a bamboo toothbrush, biodegradable panty liners and teabags

Illustration of a recycling facility

Illustration of the journey of a plastic bottle

Observational sketches of hands doing lab work